Unity Tip: Utilize C# interfaces to simplify development

UNITY TIP: Utilize C# interfaces to simplify development  When I first started programming I never quite understood the benefits of using interfaces.Over time this however has changed. And they have been proven to be quite useful in Unity. What is an interface?The way...

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Unity Quick – The most common ways to move an object

Movement is one of the most common things you will need to know more about when it comes to frameworks and engines. This is the reason I've decided to do a small write up of the most common ways on how to move a object. The most common way of moving objects in Unity...

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Why I use Unity: The positives and negatives

I wanted to talk a little bit about why I use Unity and what my motivations are for using it.Some of the mentioned points may give you a reason to try it out as well. It certainly isn't the perfect engine, but no engine really is. Aside from Unity I also like to work...

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