Privacy Policy

For the website
, including and Unity asset store pages.
We use Google Analytics:
These third parties gather data on visitors to our sites, for us to better understand our audience and improve our products.
This data is anonymized and we will do our best to ensure none of this can be traced back to any specific individual.

For the Mailing list
, we use Mailchimp
We collect emails to allow you to be notified of Updates.
We will never send out any information to other third parties.
The information is purely used to update you on any product updates or releases.

, provides analytical data of page visits and downloads, this data is fully anonymous.
For payments, emails are stored. This data is only used to help the user of the specified email.
For instance when there are issues with the product, or to verify if a user is a purchaser.
And will not be pulicly shared, sent to third parties or used for unsolicited emails.

For Tiny Gems – Pro,
we use Google Play to process payments.
Google Play provides analytical data of page visits and downloads, this data is fully anonymous.
For payments all data is anonimized, except for payment date and location (City, State).
The premium and lite game do not use any form of analytics or ads.

For Tiny Gems, we use Admob to display non-personalized ads to users.
These ads are not based on any collected data.
Google considers ads to be personalized when they are based on previously collected or historical data to determine or influence ad selection, including a user’s previous search queries, activity, visits to sites or apps, demographic information, or location

, we use Unity analytics to improve the gameplay experience.

What we (Lowscope) track from you:

* When the app is launched
* How long a session lasted
* How many powerups, keys and coins you have obtained
* How many keys you obtained
* What level seed you played, to track issues with the dungeon generation.
* How many floors you have progressed
* When a purchase failed
* When a purchase succeeded

All the data above is used to improve the experience of the product.
All of the data above is anonymized and has no possibility of determining who a
individual user is.

We use Unity AD’s and Google Admob to serve non-personalized advertisements for you.
Unless you as a user specify otherwise within the application. In that case only data is used to provide the best advertisements suited to your
personal experience.


We strive as much as humanly possible to keep your data secure.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy:
Contact us as