RPG Farming kit

Role Playing Farming Kit is a Template for Unity 3D. It is created to expand and learn from.
Removing a lot of the legwork you have to do beforehand. The RPG Farming Kit allows you to get started with the creation of farming games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. It contains all the basic features required to get started with a basic farming game.



You are able to change the Hair, Eyes, Torso and Pants of a character. Creating new parts is fairly easy. You can find a demo on Itch.io to see this feature in action.

The kit includes a example crop you can grow by digging a hole in the sand, planting it and watering it by filling your bucket of water.
After a set amount of days you are able to harvest the crop.

The template includes a save and load system that is able to save items that you have dropped on the ground. As well as the location and scene of the player. The inventory, how you have visualized the character.

A inventory system is available with quick use slots and a menu. The items are createable as scriptable objects (Data). You can give these items specific actions in the form of a scriptable object that the character executes.

The game has a time system that emits events through scriptable objects for other objects to read. As seen in the demo, it can effect the crops, the timer and the light and brightness of a scene. A special component has been made to easily retrieve the events and apply actions based on them.

The template has been made in a special way. It uses a Event system that is based on scriptable objects. It’s design is based a lot on the Unite Austin 2017 talk.

The template has a scene warping system. It uses scriptable objects to define locations. And warp towards them.

The template contains a basic combat system based on the Health Pro plugin.